Livestock Exchange Building - Cowboy"It's the things you see every day, use every day, almost forget to acknowledge, which carve out a place in your heart. Buildings aren't so different. For several years, I've had a studio in the Livestock Exchange Building. As with most of the inhabitants of this building, in the West Bottoms, I'm there because I love to be there. Love is in the details..."

Livestock Exchange Building - Bull Mountain"When visitors come off the viaduct from downtown and drive under a freeway overpass, the first thing they are likely to see is 'Bull Mountain,' a small hill planted with native prairie grasses and topped with a group of iron cutouts of cattle by the Minimalist artist Robert Morris. 'It's a sign piece that says when you come off the freeway, you've arrived someplace...'"
New York Times

"Towering from what was once the heart of America's heartland, the Kansas City Livestock Exchange Building radiates with a sense of history so powerful it seems to affect every other structure around it... "
Pitch Magazine, "Best Remnant of Kansas City's Glory Days Award"

Livestock Exchange Building - Office"Let's face it. Cow poking is hard work, and intense. Sometimes there isn't time to stop and heed the call of nature. When that moment finally comes, wranglers could do worse than spending their 'time alone' in the bathrooms of the Livestock Exchange Building..."
Pitch Magazine, "Best Bathrooms Award"

"If honesty is beauty, the revived Livestock Exchange Building at 1600 Gennessee is a sharp looker. The structure's richly textured brick exterior has a serious look that speaks of its utilitarian beginning."
A Guide to Commercial Real Estate



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