Livestock Exchange BuildingFew buildings in Kansas City - or even in the Midwest - evoke an affinity for the area's heritage like the Livestock Exchange Building. And fewer still have been restored to a level beyond their former glory, ready to accomodate the most discerning business clientele.

The Livestock Exchange Building, in the heart of what was formerly known as the Kansas City Stockyards, is not only a landmark of the city's rich tradition as the center of American agriculture. It is the cornerstone of an ambitious redevelopment and beautification effort which will position the area among the most highly accessible and desirable business and cultural centers in the Midwest.

Livestock Exchange Building - InteriorIn an area that once handled 64,000 head of cattle each day now remains an auction house and several livestock pens which still support a thriving trading business. Thousands of bricks from the old yards now pave beautifully landscaped walkways around the building and throughout the area. And a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district for the 50-acre area has been established to support business and public improvement well into the 21st century.

Built in 1910, the Livestock Exchange Building at 1600 Genessee is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As part of the building's $5 million renovation, the key interior and exterior architectural details were restored to their original brilliance and enhanced by all-new, efficient mechanical and energy systems. The result is truly the best of both worlds for building tenants - exceptional modern amenities housed in a formidable edifice steeped in a grand tradition. It is, quite simply, an office address capable of defining your company's image.


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