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Centrally Located

Progressive Neighborhood

Rich History

Our History

Built in 1910, the Livestock Exchange Building was seen as a fortress of commerce for Kansas City and the western territory.

With 475 offices, the building housed the Stockyards Company, telegraph offices, banks, restaurants, railroad and packing house representatives, and government agencies. It was the largest livestock exchange building in the world and one of the largest office buildings in Kansas City. The stockyards had become an independent company in 1871 with 13.5 acres. Over time it grew to 207 acres and housed the current Livestock Exchange Building. In 1923 the Kansas City stockyards set a world record for a days’ receipts of cattle, 60,206 head. The handling capacity of the yards was 70,000 cattle, 50,000 hogs, 50,000 sheep, and 5,000 horses and mules.

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Happy Tenants

“The building is great.  It is like family around here.  I really like how the integrity of the building has been kept in tact.”

Deb Martin

“Since we are an agriculture company, this is a great combination of agricultural and historical. The building has a very eclectic mix of tenants and is centrally located for our employees.”

Lee Blank
GFG AG Services, LLC

“I have been lucky to have found such a friendly and ideal location for my business. The offices are all unique and it is easy fit right into the neighborhood.”

Kara Hess
Dazium Design

“A friend recommended this space. It is clean, affordable and the history sets it apart from everything else.”

Amy Beck
Dolyn Bags

“This building and its people inspire me each day. I frequently wonder what went on inside the building over a hundred years ago when I see old business names still painted on interior office windows. This building is a KC treasure.”

Kathy Patton

“Cool building. Cool location. Cool people.”

Ryan Anwander
Install Solutions International

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